Want to find common ground in your area?

The most important piece of this project consists of regional workshops across Scotland which we will be running in Spring 2017. If you would like us to come and run a workshop in your area we’d be delighted to respond to an invitation. Just email jeremy and we will take it from there!

Wondering what to expect? The workshops will be designed in collaboration with each local group. We expect that they’ll run for about a half day, but our project administrator will work with participants to coordinate a date and time that will ensure maximal participation.

In terms of participation, each workshop is meant to be locally oriented. Generally, we’re aiming for each “local area” to represent some kind of literal “common ground”. This might be groups and persons arranged within a shared river catchment, or within a limited geographical area (maybe 200 square km or so). This will depend very much on the specifics of each locality. Workshops will centre around issues relating to local “sustainability” initiatives, though we realise that this can be quite a wide net in practice, capturing all sorts of creative approaches to community resilience: gardening and food production, public education, common worship, advocacy and activism, energy production, etc.

The format will be a blend of different styles. Representatives from our research team will serve primarily as facilitators for the workshop, though we may also share a bit of what we’ve learned about the different identities and concerns of specific networks in Scotland. We plan to make use of “Open Space Technology” as a guiding principle for the structure of these gatherings.

Finally, it is important to note that we consider all participants in these workshops are true co-researchers. Our project team will be working hard to develop and document a set of best practices regarding regional low carbon collaborations which we will disseminate to government, third sector groups, and back into the networks who participate in these events. Each workshop will generate some form of documentation (in the form of post-it notes, posters, drawings, and more!) and these will all serve as crucial “data” for our final project whitepaper.