Which Kind of Sustainability?

The “Finding Common Ground” project aims to develop new knowledge about collaborations across different kinds of low-carbon and sustainability groups. There are a huge variety of ways to care for the earth: growing food, reducing waste, participating in the sharing economy, protecting animals amd habitats, and many different kinds of groups which combine and emphasise different practices and strategies. By cultivating a better understanding of how groups like permaculture, transition, or eco-congregations work, we thing new kinds of regional collaborations can be unlocked. Never heard of an Eco-Congregation? Transition town? No problem! On this site, we will be gathering interviews, statistics, and research into all kinds of sustainability, keep an eye out for more here soon!

Participatory Workshops

We love participatory workshops, and firmly believe that everyone has an important role to play in the research process? Curious to know more about this style lf research? Here are a few of our favorite books:

  • Open Space Technology: A User’s Guide